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Aventos HK-XS: Small in Size, Big in Convenience

Aventos HK-XS, is the perfect solution for compact top wall cabinets. Its sleek and narrow design offers you design freedom, allowing even cabinets with limited internal depths to be used. Whether it's above the kitchen stove or the bathroom sink, Aventos HK-XS is here to elevate your space. 


  • Its slender profile makes Aventos HK-XS ideal for small top wall cabinets.
  • It is versatile enough to handle larger and heavier fronts with ease.
  • Aventos HK-XS caters to cabinet heights ranging from 240 mm to 600 mm.
  • With an interior depth requirement of just 125 mm, Aventos HK-XS maximizes space utilization. 
  • It`s designed to pair with cornice and crown moldings.
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets are designed for symmetrical use. 
  • Aventos HK-XS is compatible with both wooden and aluminium frame fronts.
  • You can opt for the added convenience of the Tip-On feature.



Assembly and Adjustment

Assembling Aventos HK-XS can be done virtually tool-free. Aventos HK-XS ensures reliable and effortless opening, closing, and holding. When combined with Clip Top Blumotion hinges, Aventos HK-XS closes silently and seamlessly.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Big Convenience in Small Spaces: Aventos HK-XS maximizes the potential of even the tiniest cabinets.
  • Silent and Effortless Closure: Get graceful and quiet closing action, especially when paired with Clip Top Blumotion hinges.
  • Simplified Assembly: Assembly is easy, with virtually tool-free setup and straightforward fine-tuning.