Hinge and Runner Systems



The Concealed Runner System for the Highest Expectations

The hidden runner system that exceeds all expectations. It can handle various weights, has high sag values, and combines effortlessly with support and electric systems. With Movento you`ll experience a seamless and feather-light glide, making it a joy to use.


  • Movento ensures a synchronized, ultra-smooth movement.
  • Movento can handle loads of 40 and 60 kg, making it perfect for bulky kitchen items.
  • Unmatched stability ensures your cabinets remain solid and reliable.
  • Movento has excellent sag values, meaning your cabinet doors will retain their original position.
  • Combine Movento with the Servo-Drive electrical motion support system for handle-less fronts that open at a touch. It closes silently and effortlessly, thanks to Blumotion.
  • Movento offers Tip-On Blumotion and integrated Tip-On technology, providing mechanical opening support systems to suit your preferences.



Easy Assembly, 4-Dimensional Front Adjustment

Experience front adjustment magic with 4-dimensional front adjustment. You have the flexibility to get the fit just right. It offers tried and true tilt adjustment and easy installation. 

Advantages at a glance:

  • New quality of motion: Low opening force, synchronised feather-light glide, BLUMOTION
  • 4-dimensional front adjustment
  • Carrying capacity of 40 kg and 60 kg, extremely stable, excellent sag values
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