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Florkowsky’s Warranty

Before installation of your new cabinets, please take a few minutes to read through this handout. We consider our installers to be the finest in the industry. They are on and off thousands of job sites, which makes their experience second to none. Over the years, we have compiled a list of “issues” that may be unforeseeable to you – our customer – or our installers or salesmen. Be assured we respect your property and are as careful as we can be. Here is a list of things that, over the years, we have learned.

  • If on the contract, we are removing old cabinets, baseboards, etc., be aware that older products do not come out the same as they went in. As building products age, they may become brittle and might be impossible to remove without cracking or breaking.
  • Be prepared to do a little paint touch-up when we are finished, as the cabinets might scuff the wall while being installed. Due to walls and ceilings not being level or square, this might occur more than once.
  • Please make special arrangements for removing items that might be in the way of the installation. Florkowskys and our installers are not held responsible if we damage your floor, walls, or items while moving them out of the way. We respect your property, but things do happen.
  • We do not disconnect or reconnect gas, water, electrical, ice maker lines, or dishwasher lines. We are not qualified to do these things and, again, are not responsible if damage occurs. Remember to let your salesperson or installer know if you have hidden pipes, in-floor heating, or any other items that might get damaged during installation.
  • Often, old products hide things that we need to discuss before the next step of the installation. If there is a concern, any extra preparation will need to be completed before we start. There will be an extra cost if any changes are made after the fact.
  • When possible, saws will be set up outside or in the garage. Dust will come in on the installer, and dust can be blown in by the wind. Rain, snow, and extreme cold may prevent an outdoor setup. Cabinet installation will create dust. Be prepared to give your home a thorough dusting once your installation is complete.
  • On the day of installation, the job site needs to have proper lighting, washrooms, and heat so the installer can do the best job possible. Installers will sometimes have their own portable lights, but it will make their lives a lot easier if there is lighting and heat in the house.
  • Clean your cabinets with a clean cloth, using mild soap and warm water. Lightly rub down doors/drawers, then wipe excess with a dry cloth. Rubbing too hard might polish the finish and leave a shiny spot. If this occurs, you will have to bring back the door/drawer to our shop for refinishing at an extra cost.
  • Moisture is one of the most important items for your wood cabinetry, if not the most important. Just like hardwood flooring, cabinet doors, end gables, crown moulding, etc. can crack, split, or shrink if there is little or no moisture in the air. The air in the winter is very dry and produces little or no humidity. Older homes usually have a humidifier connected to the furnace to produce moisture; you might have to upgrade the humidifier system if you are adding more wood to your home. For new home renovations, there needs to be a portable humidifier to produce the moisture. Our cabinets are not under warranty if the humidity in the home is more/less than our tolerance. Any wood – stained, painted, or lacquered products – will shrink and expand with the different seasons in Alberta. This will cause the panel in the centre of the door/drawer to move, which might show a visible line where the panel meets the stile, which also is not under warranty. Florkowskys’ is not responsible if the moisture is too high or too low. Reasonable humidity of between 27%-33% will keep inside air at a controlled state so our products will not shrink or expand as drastically.
  • For appliances, customers deal with their own supplier. As a heads up, the customer will need to find out what type and style of installation from the appliance supplier. They are professionals and should explain the different types of installations from the products they sell. If you would like door panels on your appliances, please let both of us know and be aware of how the panels are installed and look on a finished product. Florkowskys’ do not install, move, or remove any appliances and are not responsible if any damage occurs. We are also not responsible if we are given the wrong specs and something does not fit at the point of installation. If this occurs, there will be a back charge to either the customer or supplier, depending on the information provided.
  • After substantial completion of the installation, we will need to do a walk through and see if there are any deficiencies with the product. If there is at this time, they will be addressed, and proper arrangements will follow. Florkowskys will not be responsible for any damages that occur from other trades at the point of installation and or after the walk through. Please also let other trades know about the finished products in your home. If damages occur from other trades, the customer will be responsible for any repairs and charges.
  • Our installers are highly qualified professionals who are the best at what they do. We are proud that they are part of our company and they make the final calls on your installation. Please contact your salesperson if you have any issues or concerns.